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    VelaShape III


    Vela shape is the only device in the world that combines
    the energy of 4 forces

    Radiofrequency energy stimulates the synthesis of collagen, and also provides skin lifting

    Vacuum massage.
    Vacuum effect improves blood circulation, stimulates fibroblasts

    Infrared heat.
    Infrared light heats the tissue to the deep layers of the dermis, helps reduce the subcutaneous fat.

    Roller massage.
    Mechanical effect of roller massage stimulates the outflow of lymph, increases drainage, speeds up the process

    for 1 session

    women velashape 3 velashape3

    Each session – minus centimeters

    Clinically proved that Vela Shape reduces the volume of the stomach from 2 cm per 15 minutes procedure .

    The surprising result is explained by deep warming up of soft tissues, which breaks down fat and activates a number of positive processes in the body.

    Since the device is equipped with a high-precision sensor, the doctor monitors and maintains the same temperature throughout the procedure

    Vela Shape is considered the most famous device in the world for non-invasive body correction. More than 5 000 000 procedures have been officially registered. The quantity continues to grow.

    There is no simpler, more effective and safe method of contouring the body today!

    The equipment is approved by the FDA and approved by the Ministry of Health.

    velashape procerdure

    Effectiveness of the procedure

    Контурирование рук и коленей Коррекция второго подбородка
    Коррекция “раслывчатого” контура тела Уменьшение локального жира и целюлита в проблемных зоназ Устаранение дряблости кожи и востановление её упругости
    Vela Shape III has the maximum RF power, which allows a faster and deeper study of tissues. Achieving optimal results for 4 procedures
    velashape 3
    Corrects any zones: problematic hips, abdomen, makes his hands and knees slender, removes the second chin.
    Total 3 procedures to achieve maximum effect
    Result after 1 session!

    До – После процедуры

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    Before the procedure
    After the procedure

    How does the procedure work?

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    You leave an application on the site

    The specialist on the examination will determine the zones of contouring

    The problem zone is modeled with a special nozzle

    You will immediately see and feel real progress

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